media release April 21 2019

Comparators Association welcomes low level of complaints data

The latest Commonwealth Ombudsmans report into private health insurance complaints again underlines the low level of issues involving the comparison sector.

The bulletin reported 13 complaints against comparison and broker services out of a total of 963 complaints for quarter Oct-Dec 2018 and of which 816 concerned the health funds.

The Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association PHIIA says in the same period its comparison members spoke to hundreds of thousands of consumers and helped many find better value in their cover.

Given that trust is key to this business its good to see only just over one percent of all recorded complaints for the quarter were directed at our members, said PHIIA CEO Christopher Zinn

Considering the large number of Australians who use such services to check out the health insurance market its a testament to the care taken to help the consumer.

The number of complaints to comparison and broker services has varied between 26 and 13 over the past year while complaints overall have been trending downwards.

Part of the function of the association to make the public more aware of such services and the valuable work they perform in the market in driving competition and increasing transparency, said Zinn.

We also energetically enforce a self-regulatory code of conduct to ensure we can maintain high standards of customer service and satisfaction.

PHIIA represents those who make recommendations to the public around policies. It enforces a consumer code of conduct to ensure transparency, non-conflicted remuneration and training.

PHIIA recommends that consumers only use comparison services that are signatories to the code

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