media release Come gold, silver or bronze, theres still comparing to do with private health insurance

New categories for health insurance will help

The imposition of gold, silver and bronze categories for private health insurance may help consumers compare coverage but it will not end their need for trusted advice.


There are still many decisions to be made around both hospital and extras cover, as well as their detailed needs analysis, which sees consumers turn to comparators for help.


Christopher Zinn, CEO of the Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association (PHIIA), which enforces a code of code for comparison services, said there is still uncertainty as to how the categories will work.


Mr Zinn said We support any initiative that is going to help consumers. There will be a significant range of benefit differences within each category, so we will still work with consumers to find the one that works best for them at the most affordable price.

Private health insurance is a very complicated field to purchase the right product in so comparison sites will continue to play a very important role to the benefits of the consumers, he added.

Mr Zinn concluded that any change there will be winners and losers and a reform of this magnitude will lead many consumers to re-examine their coverage to find better value.


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